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Assignment Detail:- ICTICT517 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation TASK 1 - Analysis and Strategic Planning Part 1 - Mission StatementsReview and compare the following mission statements from Microsoft and LPPL-LPPL Mission Statement:"To satisfy our customers' desires for personal entertainment and information through total customer satisfaction" Microsoft Mission Statement:"At Microsoft, we work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential- This is our mission- Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible-" Microsoft Values:As a company, and as individuals, we valueIntegrity and honestyPassion for customers, for our partners, and for technologyOpenness and respectfulnessTaking on big challenges and seeing them throughConstructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal experienceAccountability to customers, shareholders, partners, and employees for commitments, results and quality- Compare the 2 mission statements and explain which one is better -1 paragraph- Part 2 - Gather data on current information technology Create a questionnaire that can be used to gather information about the organisation's current IT systems- Remember that an IT system is made of many elements and your questions should reflect this- You can use the question below as an example to help you create questions, but do not use the same questions- Example:Client ServerDo you currently have any client / server computers????IF yes, what type and how many NetworkWhat is the network topology and cable type????Do you have an ISP???? If so, who and what is the connection type???? DataHow is your data stored????How do you archive older data???? PeripheralDo you use printers or faxes???? If so, what type and how many???? Create a questionnaire of at least 10 questions to understand a business's current IT system- Part 3 - Determine objectives Review the tables below and for every objective and finding, suggest:Fill implications and recommendations for the tables below:Implications: what does this mean for the business????Recommendations: what should the business do about it???? Part 4 - Reviewing action plans Visit the three links listed below for action plans and review the similarities and differences between them-Provide brief description for each of the action plans: TASK 2 - Project Read the case study provided on Canvas For the 10 critical issues listed in the task, fill up the Gap Analysis table:Currently in place: Strategic Analysis -from the Part document-Requirements: Strategic Objective -from the Part document-Gap: Y or N -should be Y-Items needed: what is needed to fill up the gap For at least 3 of the critical issues, fill up 1 "Recommendation" template for each of the 3 issuesObjective: Strategic Objective -from the Part document-Findings: Strategic Analysis -from the Part document-Implications: What does this mean for business????Recommendations: What should the business do about it???? For at least 1 of the recommendations, fill up the "Action Plan" templateOption: The recommendationActivity: List of tasks -10 minimum-Responsible: Who is responsible for this taskResources: What is required to do this task -include people, equipment, software, etc--Timeline: How long is needed for this task -include start date and end date of each task-Evidence of success: How will we know whether the objective has been achievedEvaluation Process: How will we review whether the solution is working -after implementation- Write a short summary of the recommendations in a report format -0-5 - 1 page-

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