Analysing changing trends and opportunities, areas for

Assignment Detail:- Improvements Identifying improvements based on performance, analysing changing trends and opportunities, areas for improvement, gap analysis and communicating improvement needs and opportunities- Research and discussResearch three current trends and explain how it is an opportunity for an organisation to be innovative and apply continuous improvement practices-Your trainer/assessor will facilitate a discussion after you have completed your research- Activity: ProjectWork in small groups for this project- Divide the work equally and when you meet to discuss activities ensure that you collaborate with one another as part of a team, place an active role in encouraging and facilitating innovation, build rapport with your team and use problem solving when undertaking tasks-You are working with a team to manage and promote innovation and continuous improvement for an organisation- You may choose an organisation from either researching on the internet or one that you work for-During the course of the unit you are to undertake the following:• Consult, facilitate and contribute with your team to:o Research background on the organisationo Identify two areas where you think improvements could be made;o Identify how you can promote the value of creativity, innovation and sustainability and recognising its success• Use one creative thinking technique to test a new idea for innovating the organisation-• Using spreadsheet software provide a cost-benefit analysis for the options identified-• Identify the risks involved in the options• Determine the change management strategy that you could use for implementing new innovations-• Brainstorm with your group and develop insights, experiences and ideas for improvements that could be incorporated into the organisations knowledge management system for future planning-Creative a continuous improvement and innovation plan that could be used to present to stakeholders-Your trainer/assessor will support you in the activity and provide you with timelines and submission deadlines for completing each task-

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