Analyses a contemporary public conflict in relation to

Assignment Detail:- Essay: -Part A and Part B- Assessment A: Essay Plan and Annotated Bibliography -1500 words- This plan will lead into your final essay- Students are required to select a current or recent conflict topic within the public sphere and follow news reports over the semester- Your essay must analyse the issue you are following from a conflict resolution perspective- Some examples are COVIDI9 - conflict over lockdowns; Australia - China trade relations, COVID19 - conflict over vaccines coup in Myanmar---- or other topic that the lecturer approves - Identifying a clear topic of study- Identifying 5 relevant articles, summarising the article and commenting on its usefulness- Ran -tasks timelines- etc- showing the activities required to complete your essay- Witten Introduction that explains what will be studied- A section that explains why and how this topic is relevant to your professional development Assessment B: Essay Students are to write a 2,000 word essay that analyses a contemporary public conflict in relation to negotiation, mediation and/or consultation e g: mediate processes and practices: managing different cultural sensitivities and communication styles during mediation and negotiation- how legal and dispute resolution processes are applied in different countries when dealing with development conflict Students must use at least 3 of the 5 articles they included In their annotated bibliography- Students must source and apply at least 12 relevant scholarly articles in total to the topic- In addition to scholarly articles- a maximum of 5 grey articles may be cited-

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