Analyse the interface between leadership and management and

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Leadership case study report Learning outcome 1: be able to critically analyse current organisational issues in leadership in the context of constant change- Learning outcome 2: be able to explain the movement from leadership positions to leader-like behaviour and the context of both roles- Learning outcome 3: be able to analyse the interface between leadership and management- Learning outcome 4: be able to identify leadership potential and appropriate development programs- Learning outcome 5: be able to explain contemporary leadership approaches and be able to recognise a particular approach/style/behaviour using a contemporary leadership lens- Learning outcome 6: be able to critically reflect on own skills to develop and evolve own leadership capabilities- TASK Leadership Case study report This assessment will explore leadership theory and its relationship to your leadership journey and to the issue that you have chosen to explore- You will be completing a series of reflective questions in your journal each week based around the material provided in the text and modules to explore your leadership style and to relate it to your original issue- For example- if you have chosen Changing Approaches to Leadership you may decide to look more closely at Heifetz' Adaptive Leadership to show how this approach to leadership is radically different from early leader-centric approaches and how this kind of leadership is a response to contemporary challenges- In the same way you could examine transformational leadership in more detail to show how your selected leader has driven change on issues such as social responsibility or diversity- You may examine the pros and cons of the particular leadership style and its impact on the issue at hand- You will then look for an example of a leader who uses this style and explore what this means for the organisation they are in- You can then look at your reflections around yourself in relation to this leadership theory, study questions and quizzes from your learning journal and draw some conclusions about what this means for you and your leadership journey- Provide a report that links your chosen issue with a leadership theory, discusses a leader and their impact on that issue, and then relates this information to your own leadership journey and draws conclusions into an action plan for yourself- Choose a leaderSelect a leader of sufficient prominence that you can access public information to give a rich picture of that individual's leadership style, characteristics, and values- You may wish to go on the discussion board and share suggestions of suitable cases- The leader may be:•a leader in a public sector or publicly funded institution •a business or community leader•a leader in your own work organisationYour leader must be living-Your selection will be guided by consideration of the following:• Your career goals and interests -Do you specifically want to learn about roles and positions within your own work organisation???? Are you interested in leadership more broadly???? Are you interested in how your work organisation engages with external stakeholders????-• How you are theorising leadership -How closely do you imagine leadership as an aspect of management???? Are you purposefully challenging leadership stereotypes????-• Availability of information -A pragmatic choice based on access to quality information-- On this point note that although you will want to be able to find information easily for particularly prominent leaders there can be overload of information-Collect the information about the leaderResearch as many publicly available sources as possible get a rich picture of your selected leader- Sources may include:Books -autobiography, biographies, critiques- Academic journalsInternet -News feeds, blogs, comments, company or institutional sites- Television, radioOfficial documents -Annual reports, institutional policies and communications- YouTubeNews items, feature articles Social media -Twitter, Facebook-Prepare notes that will help you address the tasks required of the written component of this assessment- Record quotes, examples and critical incidents that can be used as points of discussion and analysis-Write the report Your report will include the following• A title page• A page number on each page• Table of contents• Introduction• Body of report covering:o The leadership theory you have choseno How that links to the leadership issue selected for Assessments 2-4o Short background on your chosen leadero The leader's relevance for your selected leadership issue and your chosen leadership theoryo Your learning and insight in relation to your own leadership journey; ando A specific action plan that has SMART -i-e- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound- goals-- see marking criteria for specifics-• Conclusion and references- Attachment:- Leadership case study report-rar

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