Analyse the interaction and impact of bio-ecological

Assignment Detail:- CNA506 Foundations of Children's Care Learning Outcome 1: Analyse the interaction and impact of bio-ecological factors on the health, wellbeing and development of neonates, infants, children and adolescents- Learning Outcome 2: Debate current clinical issues within the acute care setting- Assessment task 1: Part A: Essay Part Description: This assessment task provides you with an opportunity to focus on key information related to the topics in module 1 of this unit that are most relevant to your area of nursing/midwifery practice and/or of interest you as a health professional-This assessment task has two components: Part A: Essay Handout and Part B: Visual Presentation Hypothetically you have been asked to give an in-service presentation to a group of nursing/midwifery colleagues on:1- the importance to the infant/child/adolescent of forming a secure attachment to their parent-s-/primary caregiver-s-, and2- how health professionals can promote secure attachment when caring for infants/children/adolescents and their families-You prepare this presentation using information studied in Module 1 -Bioecology-- Your assessment will include an essay handout you prepare to give to colleagues attending this in-service presentation -Part A- and a visual presentation you compile for your in-service presentation -Part B-- Part A: Essay Handout -1000 words-:1- Write a handout in essay format to provide to colleagues to accompany your in-service presentation- In this essay handout:a- Identify your audience -for example, registered nurses in general, midwives, neonatal intensive care nurses, paediatric nurses--b- Include four -4- key points in which you discuss the importance of secure attachment to infants/children/adolescents and how health professionals can promote and support it- Assessment Part 1: Part B: Visual PresentationPart B: Visual Presentation -600 words-:1- Prepare a visual presentation in which four -4- key points are listed on the importance of attachment and how health professionals can promote and support it-2- Your visual presentation could be a PowerPoint presentation, a handout, infographic, a pamphlet, or a conference poster-3- References for each point and a reference list are to be included as part of your visual presentation- Assessment task 2: EssayDirectionsThis essay is divided into three sections -A, B, and C- each focussing on a different topic-• A total of three topics will make up your essay- Around 800 words is expected for each of the three sections -total word count 2400--• You discuss a topic in each section in which you identify recommendations and strategies to provide excellence in care-• Headings may be used but do not use dot-points- You may choose to relate your essay to your area of practice, for example, midwifery, special care, neonatal intensive care, paediatric or general nursing- You may also choose to focus on a specific age group -neonates, infants, older children, or adolescents-- Section A -800 words +/- 10%--Select one of the following topics to discuss:I- Identify three important approaches relevant to your clinical practice to support women to breastfeed- Discuss and justify these using the academic literature- Use approaches that are relevant to your practice area -for example, community, maternity unit, paediatric unit, or a special care or neonatal intensive care nursery--ORII- How may the registered nurse promote and support a healthy weight for infants or children or adolescents???? Section B -800 words +/- 10%--Select one of the following topics to discuss:I- As a registered nurse or midwife, you have been asked to administer a vaccine to an infant in your care- The parents state that they are not sure that they want their child to receive this vaccination- They add that they have heard that vaccines do not always work and that they cause other illnesses in children- How would you respond to parents who are hesitant to vaccinate???? II- How may the registered nurse or midwife promote the physical and emotional safety of individuals when administering vaccines????In responding you may choose to focus on a specific age group or practice area-ORIII- Discuss which vaccines that are recommended for those who are planning to become parents, and state why they are important- Section C -800 words +/- 10%-Select one of the following topics to discuss: I- The mother of an infant or child in your care discloses that she -the mother- is the victim of domestic violence- What is the possible impact of witnessing domestic violence on infants and children???? As a registered nurse/midwife in this situation, how would you respond to this woman's disclosure????ORII- Resilience has been broadly defined as those skills, attributes, and abilities that enable individuals to adapt to hardships, difficulties, and challenges- As a registered nurse or midwife working in the hospital or community setting, how might you promote and support the resilience of infants/children/adolescents???? You may choose to focus on a specific age or demographic group or practice area in your response- Attachment:- Foundations of Childrens Care-rar

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