Analyse the information in-depth related to the research

Assignment Detail:- Question: You are free to choose and research on a topic that is related to one of the following two areas in contemporary port development- - Sustainability - Technology The selected topic should be focused on the impact of each development on any aspects of port management and operations, e-g-, automation and human resource management; port digitization and supply chain collaboration; digitization and port operational risks; climate change impacts and port resilience; technology adoption and green ports etc- Prepare a 10-minute presentation based on your research findings- The presentation should include a clear topic title, incorporate real-world examples, and apply core concepts from this unit studied this semester- Additionally, you need to submit a summary of your research findings with a limit of 600 words- The summary should include a brief rationale for the research, research approach and findings, and conclusion- Sources of information used should be acknowledged and referenced in your presentation including in the slides where applicable- A list of references should be provided as the last slide of your presentation- The research summary does not need to include references- -20 Marks- Your presentation should be submitted as a narrated PowerPoint presentation -either audio or video-- Criterion 1 Explain concepts related to the selected research topic Criterion 2 Analyse the information in-depth related to the research topic Criterion 3 Provide appropriate and effective examples to support the argument Criterion 4 Present research findings on contemporary port management issues and strategies Part length Presentation 10 minutes; Research summary 600 words in a separate document Minimum of 15 references on the last page of PPT, Harvard referencing style-- Excellent in the use of communication aidsusing creative, engaging, and informative visual aids; visuals closely conform to good practices guidelines; effective use of graphics to complement visual aids; objects clearly illustrate points being made-- Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the selected topic with an information base accurate, current, and complete-- Argument fully supported by insightful and in-depth analysis & evaluation-- Highly appropriate & effective examples were used-- Context effectively explained- Attachment:- Assignment Presentation-rar

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