Analyse the customer segments and personas provided in


The individual assignment requires students to analyse the OnePlus case (on loop under ‘Individual Assignment' heading) and to answer the following questions:

1. What factors contributed to the early success of OnePlus? To what extent will these factors still be relevant as OnePlus seeks to transition to the mainstream market? Be sure to consider the state of the smartphone market, culture, product, branding, and marketing strategy.

2. Analyse the customer segments and personas provided in Exhibit 8. Which persona(s) would you focus on to expand the OnePlus customer base?

3. Given your choice of target persona, what approach to value proposition and positioning would you recommend? What should "Never Settle" stand for in the future? Make sure to link the chosen persona to the positioning strategy.

4. What mix of distribution channels and partners do you think OnePlus should use? Should it stay online only or should it expand its reach through physical retailers?

5. Given the information in the case related to marketing communication and in Exhibit 11, create a marketing communications plan for OnePlus. Assume you have a marketing budget of $5 million. What should be the mix between traditional and digital channels? Which media channels would you emphasize and how would you allocate resources across each of the different channels? Build an allocation spreadsheet with assumptions and justifications.

6. How can OnePlus remain true to its roots while growing into a bigger global player? What aspects of its brand and culture would you recommend that it retain and what should it change as it grows and evolves? Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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