Analyse selected psychological research reports - Undertake

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Research Report Assessment descriptionFor this assessment, everyone will participate in a research project which you will write up as a research report formatted to APA 7th edition guidelines- Your research report will need to contain the following sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References, and Appendices -your SPSS outputs-- CO1: Recognise which of a range of basic statistical tests are appropriate in the analysis of data from selected studies- CO2: Compute a range of basic statistical tests using SPSS and show competence in the interpretation of results- CO3: Analyse selected psychological research reports- CO4: Undertake a research exercise leading to a psychological research report- Research Topic and Question The broad research topic will be exploring the way that different types of students differ in how they feel about statistics- Within this topic, you will need to choose a variable with two specific groups to compare -IV- and one specific outcome to compare them on -DV-- The options for an outcome -DV- are: 1- Statistical anxiety -see Tremblay et al- 2000- OR2- Attitude toward studying statistics -also Tremblay et al- 2000- The options for an IV with two groups are: 1- Age -traditional students under 24 years of age vs non-traditional students who are 25 years of age and older- Once you've chosen your variables you will have your research question -a description of the broad topic of study-- Insert your chosen variables into the following to form your RQ: "Are there differences among -insert your IV- students in terms of their -insert your DV-????" Then, depending on your choice of variables, your hypothesis will be: Do traditional and non-traditional students differ in statistics anxiety, and if so, how do they differ???? ORDo students who have low and high previous math experience differ in statistics anxiety, and if so, how do they differ???? ORDo traditional and non-traditional students differ in attitude to statistics, and if so, how do they differ???? ORDo students who have low and high previous math experience differ in attitude to statistics and if so, how do they differ???? In the video "Assessment 2-1 elaborating on the instructions" below I discuss about how you would turn your hypothesis into a testable hypothesis -i-e- word it as a specific prediction based on the conclusion of your literature review-- Instructions for Assessment 2-1Step 1: Download the Initial instructions for the 2-2 Research Report which covers what is required for the full report- Step 2: Watch the below recording where I go through these initial instructions providing more in-depth information of how to proceed with this assessment- Step 3: Download the Rubric IRM Assessment 2-1 which details the criteria for each section of your 2-1 Draft Introduction- Step 4: Download and complete the Draft Introduction Template- You will be writing your assessment in this template-Draft Introductions submitted will only be accepted by the markers if the template is used- Any Draft Introductionsubmitted without this template will be sent back- The date that you re-submit your Draft Introduction in the template will be the new submission date- Step 5: Submit your completed Draft Introduction through the submission link by 12pm Monday Week 5- Assessment 2-1 - Feedback Your Draft Introduction will be marked and returned to you one week after submission- You will receive your results on the rubric as well as your Draft Introduction with specific comments from your marker- Areas that you did well on will be noted, as well as areas that need improvement- You are expected to act on this feedback in your Assessment 2-2 Research Report- Step 6: Revise your Introduction based on your marker's recommendations, this will be your introduction for Assessment 2-2 Attachment:- Research Report-rar

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