Analyse mental health conditions and mental wellbeing

Assignment Detail:- MHC402 Mental Health in Context - Torrens University Australia Assessment Folio: Bringing it all into context Learning Outcome 1: Understand and apply a ‘person first' perspective to analyse and problem solve issues and challenges associated with mental health across the lifespan- Learning Outcome 2: Analyse mental health conditions and mental wellbeing issues in a range of educational and social contexts from a person first perspective- Learning Outcome 3: Critique historical and contemporary theories and perspectives for supporting individuals with a mental health condition and their carers- Learning Outcome 4: Demonstrate independent research skills drawing on a diverse range of relevant sources and demonstrate communication skills for professional and academic audiences- Context:This assessment asks you to draw upon your collective learning of historical and current understanding of the continuum of mental health issues within our society- Further, this assessment focuses on concerns for youth mental health and progressive, contemporary approaches to promoting positive mental wellbeing- The assessment is about the person first perspective of mental health in the context of daily life, schooling, with specific reference to adopting measures for positive mental health wellbeing in self and others- Instructions: This assessment requires you to compile a thematic analysis of the Alike short film presented as a folio of your subject learning- You are required to draw together the materials/discussions presented throughout this subject- You will need to reference materials, scenarios and discussions, and critically analyse how they link to a description of mental health in the short film-To best represent your understanding of this subject your folio should cover these four themes, each of which are linked to the modules studied- 1- Mental health is more than an illness -modules 2 and 3-2- Youth mental health matters, matter -module 4-3- New thinking for the health promotion of self and others -modules 5 and 6-4- Addressing the stigma of mental health -module 1 to 6- It is recommended that your folio is set out in the following layout:• Introduction to the short film - setting, characters, imagery, storyline -250 words-• Expand each of the four themes, drawing together module materials/discussion and linking to a portrayal of mental health in the short film -500 words, each theme-• Conclusion - demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of understanding mental health in context -250 words- Attachment:- Mental Health in Context-rar

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