Analyse and familiarise themselves with current usability

Assignment Detail:- SIT216 User Centred Design - Deakin University Usability Guidelines Report Investigate and understand current usability practices and guidelines for designing interfaces- You must reference at least three -3- credible and academic resources - journal articles, websites, or a combination of both- Requirements: As a written report, you will present and succinctly capture in your own words current usability guidelines, thinking and good practice for interfaces and interactions in software/applications based upon your readings/research conducted- Assignment: The purpose of this assessment is for students to analyse and familiarise themselves with current usability guidelines- You will help demonstrate your understanding in forming your own set of usability guidelines by reading through multiple sources and appropriately paraphrasing and citing your sources- Your research can focus on one specific type of UI, such as websites/web apps, mobile apps, VR/AR apps, or present a general set applicable to all digital systems/interfaces- You can make a choice based on an area of interest/area in which you hope to be working in- This task will start having students focus on usability and more broadly, HCI -Human-Computer Interaction- and User experience -UX-- The outcomes from this research should be presented as a written report- Your usability guidelines in this assessment task will be used to structure an evaluation of an interface in the second assessment task - Usability Evaluation Report- Report Content Requirements This report will contain a number of sections including, but not restricted to:- an introduction that presents the need for usability guidelines and principles-- the presentation of your relevant usability guidelines and principles based upon your research that are intended to improve the usability of digital systems-- a justification on the value of these interface guidelines/principles and demonstration of improved usability- a conclusion providing a summation of the primary key benefits and advantages for designers who follow your usability guidelines in interface and interaction design-- a list of 3 or more references in Harvard style with citations -with at least two from 2021-2022- Your submission must be in the form of a report- The length of the report should be 1500 words -excluding references-- You must acknowledge all statements and information taken from other sources and adhere to the guidelines published regarding plagiarism- All ideas and material taken from references must be cited within the report itself and a full reference list and bibliography -if appropriate- must be provided at the end of the report- You must demonstrate that you:1- Are able to examine and evaluate multiple sources on UCD and HCI literature with details regarding usability guidelines-2- Can use the appropriate number of quality references-3- That the usability guidelines cover multiple aspects related to the design of the interface -what the user sees and interacts with--

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