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Assignment Detail:- Digital Innovation: Chatbots explore and build using non-coding tools OverviewVarious types of chatbots are being used in business to carry out tasks such as answering simple customer questions about products, solving problems and resolving complaints- It is claimed that chatbots can learn and improve their interaction, and when it comes to some tasks, they can be developed without requiring any coding- The aim of this assessment is to evaluate such claims, as well as the hype surrounding the concept of chatbots- You will create a simple chatbot and be required to compare two chatbot development tools- You will then concisely report your comparison of these chatbot tools in a 1,000-word report- Assessment criteria and weighting • Analyse and articulate your understanding of chatbot functionality • Design and develop a functional chatbot • Discuss the chatbot evaluation process • Examine the potential business value, as well as the challenges and ethical considerations in using chatbots in your enterprise or industry • Model clear, logical and appropriate academic writing and referencing skills Word limit: 1,000 -+/- 10%- Assessment details This report is based on an evaluation of at least two chatbot development tools- Your objective is to measure these tools' ability to build or develop a bot without the need for more than basic programming skills- The more in-depth the evaluation and comprehensive the comparison is, the better your report will be- You don't necessarily need to build a full chatbot program to evaluate the tools; however, you are expected to build part of a chatbot to demonstrate its functionality- The chatbot or part of a chatbot that you are demonstrating/building needs to have a reasonable capacity to build solutions for a business context, such as directing a customer to a resolution or a specific product- RequirementsSelect at least two chatbot tools to compare- Readily available chatbot tools that can be used without much coding include Chatfuel, BotNation AI, Flow XO and Manychat- If you prefer, you can choose another tool not listed here- The selected chatbot tools may not have AI or machine learning capacity, so show the most complex thing it can do instead- For one of the tools you are evaluating you should build a bot or part of a bot from scratch and not use any of the templates that the tool may provide- For the other you can use the templates available with the chatbot tool The evaluation process should address the following questions:- Does the tool meet the general definition of a chatbot????- Does the tool provide some AI or machine learning functionality????- Does the tool provide templates and do these templates allow a user to build a sophisticated bot????- What is the most complex process the tool allows you to do????- What do you think the primary function is for most chatbots created by this tool???? For example, some tools focus on direct customer-to-product details, whereas others focus on directing customers to a human service agent-- How easy was it for you to learn????- How easy do think it would for a non-technically skilled person to learn to use the tool and build something meaningful???? Attachment:- Digital Innovation-rar

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