An integrated marketing communication strategy Assignment

Assignment Detail:- Assessment task description The purpose of this report is to develop your skills in evaluating, developing and implementing marketing communication strategies- Requirements: Part 1- Select any small and medium size enterprise -SME- brand and review their marketing communication strategy- Review their websites, annual reports -if any- and digital platforms for the relevant information- Part 2- Identify and describe the customers and divide them into key market segments- Part 3- Identify the favorite media platforms -including social media- for each of the market segments and analyze how each of these segments accesses communication platforms -E-G-; billboards, flyers, television, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc--- Part 4- Show how the SME brand is currently using these media platforms and what should be their order of priority for each of these platforms and why- Part 5- Based on your analysis of the current marketing communication strategy of the chosen brand, and using any sound theory, develop a new integrated marketing communication strategy for this brand- This new communication strategy should help the firm achieve its communication objectives, and address the challenges with the existing communication strategy of the firm- Part 6- You have been asked to implement a digital marketing communication strategy- Please explain how you would implement your communication strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter- Draw or visualize what an example of your marketing communication would look like- Use any sound theory to support your ideas- Your visuals here will show a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages- The pages must show all details of the pages including displayed picture, company information and examples of three posts each on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages- You need to be creative here- The posts should be your own ideas- Part 7- Please use credible sources of information such as journal articles, industry reports, textbooks, etc- for this assessment- Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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