Allocate public IP Version 4 (IPv4) addresses and build a

Assignment Detail:- ITECH1102 Networking and Security - Federation University You have been appointed as a Network System Administrator by the Australian government to allocate public IP Version 4 -IPv4- addresses and build a routing table for edge routers to connect the Australian states as shown in Figure 1- The IPv4 is an exhaustive list of IPv4 addresses for current Internet users in the world- However, in this scenario, you have the liberty to use the entire available unreserved public IPv4 addresses for the Internet users in Australia- The major task is to allocate the unreserved public IPv4 addresses to different states in Australia based on the number of Internet users in those states- The number of Internet users for each state is given below: New South Wales -NSW- Victoria -VIC- Queensland -QLD- Western Australia -WA- South Australia -SA- Tasmania -TAS- Northern Territory -NT- : 6 Million : 4 Million : 3 Million : 2 Million : 1 Million : 300 Thousand : 150 Thousand The task needs to be completed based on the following constraints and assumptions: • Only unreserved public IPv4 addresses should be used for allocation-• Each state should have a unique set of addresses - no address or set of addresses can be reassigned to any other state-• You should use only the classless IPv4 addressing in the assignment-• The number of allocated addresses for each state should not exceed by 20% of the specified Internet users for that particular state- For instance, the assigned addresses for Tasmania should not exceed 360 Thousand addresses-• It is allowed to use one or more subnets to achieve the number of required address for a given state-The minor task is to create routing table for edge routers only for the state NT, WA and SA- The task needs to be completed based on the following constraints and assumptions:• The routing table should be minimal with no redundant routes in the table-• Any packets from the source -NT or WA or SA- should take the minimal route to reach the destination -NT or WA or SA--• Identify the Network Interface Card address to connect NT, WA and SA- Attachment:- Network Planning Assignment Template-rar

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