Agile Case Study Report - Discuss and demonstrate core

Assignment Detail:- MIS608 Agile Project Management - Laureate International Universities Assessment - Agile Case Study Report Learning Outcome 1: Discuss and demonstrate core concepts of agile methodology within a context of a business case study- Learning Outcome 2: Communicate the benefits of an agile PM plan in the context of a business case to demonstrate a response to a complex business need while aligning strategies to business priorities defined by changing business requirements- Learning Outcome 3: Develop and communicate a collaborative strategy which embodies the principles of agile methodology to stakeholders of an organisation- Part SummaryIn this group assignment, you are required to produce a 2500 words report for the organisation presented in the case scenario- ContextAgile teams and agile ways of working are becoming more prevalent in workplaces and it is likely that you will be a part of an agile team in your career- However, agile is very different from the more traditional ‘waterfall' project management practice- This assessment will ensure that you are well-versed in the philosophies and practice associated with Agile so that you have sufficient knowledge to join and agile team or implement agile practices in your future career- Part Instructions 1- Team Formation and Registration• Form teams of 3-4 members-• To register your team, you are required to send your Learning Facilitator an email with "-MIS608- Team Registration" in the subject line- In the body of that email, please list the names and student ID numbers of all the members of your team-• You are required to send the registration email to your facilitator before the registration deadline-• After the registration deadline, those students who are not in a team will be allocated to a team by the Learning Facilitator- 2- Team ContractPlease read the attached MIS608_Assessment 3_Team Contract-• Each team is required to complete their team contract as part of the Learning Activity for Module 2-1 -Week 3-- 3- Case StudyPlease read the attached MIS608_Assessment 3_Case Study- 4- Kanban Boards• Each group is required to complete Kanban boards as part of learning activities from Module2-1 -Week 3- up to and including Module 5-2 -Week 10--• This will need to be included in the appendices of the assessment as evidence of practice- 5- Final Group ReportWrite a 2500 words group report following the structure outlined below: Title pageShould include the subject code and subject name, assignment title, all student's names and student numbers in the group and the lecturer's name- Executive summary: While this report is brief - it will require an Executive Summary, which does not form part of the overall word count- Introduction -300-350 words-: will also serve as your statement of purpose for the report- This means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your report- You will need to inform the reader of:a- Your area of research and its contextb- The key concepts you will be addressing,c- What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report Body of the report -1800 - 2000 words-: will need to respond to the specific requirements of the case study- The areas you will be required to cover are:a- Agile ceremoniesb- Agile requirementsc- Lean Startup tools used in Agiled- Agile estimating and planninge- Agile velocityf- Scaling Agile after initial successg- Release planning and cadence The conclusion -300-350 words-: will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Agile Case Study Report-rar

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