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Assignment Detail:- ACCT6001 Accounting Research Project - Curtin University Financial Analyses Report Methodology and research designThe Introduction provides a summary of the research methodology and clearly identifies the sample details and statistical techniques used -Model design-- Data collection and sampleAn overview of the data collection of the study-The sample selected must be from listed firms and not less than 30 firm-year observations -5 firms for 6 years-- The firms can be listed firms from ant country but you will need to justify your selection-Variables description -e-g-, Independent variable, dependent variable and control variables- used in the study with definition of each variable used in your model-s- provided as an appendix- Empirical results and discussionDescriptive statistics analysis -table and discussion-Correlation matrix analysis -table and discussion-Regression analysis -table and discussion- Conclusion and RecommendationsClearly explains what you find in your analysis, how this relates to related findings in the literature, how it contributes to the existing body of research and implications for that firm, industry, policy etc- Avoid making generalizations-be specific and back up your assertions where possible- Writing qualities and referencingWriting is clear and concise- Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct-Chicago referencing format is followed for writing, citations and bibliography- Attachment:- Accounting Research Project-rar

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