ACCG3001 Organisational Planning and Control Assignment

Assignment Detail:- ACCG3001 Organisational Planning and Control - Macquarie University Requirements Students will be allocated to groups in Week 5 tutorial- Each group will be required to submit a comprehensive business proposal to support Foleo Group's strategy for expansion- To complete this task, students are expected to conduct their own research into the Case Study chapters, the real-world's relevant industry and the academic literature to produce a viable proposal- Proposals are expected to be presented as a formal report to the Board of Directors, and as such, should comply with the following structure:i- Title Pageii- Executive Summaryiii- Table of Contentsiv- Introductionv- Bodyvi- Conclusion and Recommendationvii- Appendicesviii- List of ReferencesProposals must be:• no more than ten -10- pages in length, excluding title page, executive summary, table of contents, and list of references• presented in Times New Roman font size 12• presented with 2-5 cm margins and 1-5 line spacing• comprehensive and to the point - excessive verbosity, lack of precision or poor writing skill will affect the grade• referenced in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System -the referencing guide can be found on iLearn- BriefingAssume your group has been engaged by Foleo Group Limited as a team of consultants- At your initial meeting with the Board, your team has been asked to propose an initiative that will expand the current operations of the Foleo organisation as a whole, by recommending a new business to add to the current group of businesses- This project will require extensive research into the industry in which the proposed new business will operate, in addition to Foleo Group's current market-The long-term objectives of the Foleo Group of businesses revolve around growth, stakeholders and technology and can be summed up in the following 4 dot points:o We aim to grow each business by at least 8 per cent per annum over the next decade-o We aim to put our customers' needs first - to do that we will foster good relationships with them, our suppliers and our employees-o We aim to use and provide the most up-to-date technology available to ensure our customers receive the best product possible at the lowest price-o We aim to provide a working environment for our employees that encourages and facilitates a happy and motivated team- The Board of Foleo Group Limited have provided the following parameters for your research and proposal: Strategy for Growth: related diversificationScope of Proposal:The business proposal must contain the following elements:• Proposed initiative: A detailed explanation of the proposed initiative -e-g-, what the new business is, how it works, what the target market is, how it is consistent with the prescribed Strategy for Growth----- The new business must not negatively impact any existing Foleo businesses-• SWOT analysis: An analysis of the environment of Foleo Group Limited using SWOT analysis- The analysis must be supported by reasonable evidence from the case facts, and further research into the real-world external environment of Foleo Group- • Strategic alignment: An explanation of the strategic alignment of the proposed initiative- This section should include:i- an identification of the long-term objectives of Foleo Group and how the proposed initiative will align with these, andii- an identification and explanation of the proposed generic competitive strategy of the new business-• Evidence of viability: Reliable and relevant evidence that the proposed initiative will be viable for Foleo Group- This section should include:i- an explained example of a relevant real-life company that has successfully introduced a similar growth initiative as that being proposed, andii- reference to at least one academic journal that supports the initiative being proposed-• Impact on stakeholders: An analysis of the likely impact of the proposed initiative on the below stakeholders:1- Customers2- Suppliers3- Competitors4- Employees5- Shareholders Attachment:- Research Report-rar

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