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Assignment Detail:- ACC500 Business Decision Makings - Polytechnic Institute Australia Assessment - Group Assignment using Excel and PowerPoint Presentation Question 1 Plan to establish your own business - could be a café, transport business, retail store--PowerPoint- Question 2 Provide detailed information of the product or service, general strategy, and business approach for the business you are establishing--PowerPoint- Question 3 Prepare the cost information of the product/service and develop a CVP model- -Break even analysis--Excel worksheet 1- Question 4 Prepare a budgeted income statement for 12 months-Excel worksheet 2- Question 5 Prepare a budgeted statement of financial position at end of 12 months--Excel worksheet 3- Question 6 Prepare a cash budget for 12 months- -Excel worksheet 4- Question 7 In conclusion, summarize how long will it take to reach the break even point???? Based on this calculation, explain what your decision is and why???? Provide details of some of the financial issues you faced in starting this business and maintaining it for 12 months--PowerPoint- Presentation Record a presentation for the budget preparation with the video on -for the identification purpose-- Maximum 10 minutes- Every member must present a part- Upload the video on YouTube and provide the link at the end of the presentation- For question 3 to 6, use the excel calculation for presentation-

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