A report outlining the project to be carried out, analysed

Assignment Detail:- PRJ6001 Applied Project - Asia Pacific International College Assessment: Project Procedure and Evaluation-Data Collection Assessment 1 Detail A report outlining the project to be carried out, analysed and evaluated to address the business goal/problem- A Research Proposal Brief early in the semester is to ensure feedback about the suitability of the topic and which informs others of a proposed piece of research and its significance- This is the first stage of preparing a Research Proposal that could be used as part of an application to undertake a research degree or to apply for funding to conduct the research- For Assessment Part 1 you need to prepare an outline of your proposed research topic and research plan for investigating the topic using a structure like shown below: 1- Project Title: This is a brief descriptive summary of the proposed research topic- For ideas on how a project title should look, look at articles in Project Management journals such as the International Journal of Project Management- 2- Research Overview and Justification: This is a brief summary of the research topic that describes the topic and why it is important for a research study to be conducted to investigate the topic- 3- Literature Review: Discuss the objectives, methodologies and findings of relevant previous research that provides a background for your research topic- 4- Research Objectives, Research question and Sub-questions: Linking back to sections -2- and -3-, present and justify the question that your research project will be designed to answer- 5- Methodology: Details about how you would answer your research question -e-g-, by reviewing trends in national / international statistics, by conducting a survey of consumers, by undertaking interviews with employers- and start to consider any advantages, disadvantages, materials needed or practical limitations of the methodology- 6- Significance of the research of the project- A summary of the sections ending with a statement of why it is important to conduct the research using the methodology proposed- 7- References and Resources: provide references to key research studies, government reports and/or industry reports using Harvard Referencing-

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