A person you care for is currently resting on their bed.

Assignment Detail:- Simulation Based Assessment Part A person you care for is currently resting on their bed- Assist the person with mobility and using a commode chair for toileting as per the care plan provided below- Assume that the person is lying on his bed now- Demonstrate your skills on the nursing manikin- CARE PLAN: Mobility Ambulation ¨  Independent Ο  Ambulant with 1 assist/standby ¨  Ambulant with 2 assists ¨  Non-ambulant -unable to walk- Aids ¨  Walking stick Ο  Zimmer frame ¨  Wheelchair ¨  Quad stick ¨  Wheeled walker Transfers and bed mobility ¨  Independent ¨  Weight bearing -able to stand- ¨  Non-weight bearing -unable to stand- Ο  1-person assist Ο  2-person assist Aids ¨  Bed rail Ο Slide sheet ¨  Gait belt ¨  Hoist ¨  Standing hoist Comments: Can walk up to 15 meters with staff assistance- For longer distance uses wheelchair- Ο  Provide direction Ο  Supervise movement Encourage to maintain mobility Other comments: Active exercise ambulation with 1 stand-by assistance for 15m minimum or as tolerated -could be done while going for shower-- CARE PLAN: Toileting and continence Toileting Day: Scheduled toileting on commode chair before shower for bowel actions -between 8 am and 10 am- Night: Use bed side commode if client feels comfortable using it- Toileting Assistance ¨ Independent ¨ Supervise Ο                           Som e assistance/prompt ¨ Fully assist Toileting aids Ο Commode chair ¨ Urinal ¨ Urodome            ¨ Bed pan Ο  Over-toilet frame    ¨ Uses toilet Self ¨ Other: Other: Check mobility needs to assist the client to the commode chair  

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