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Assignment Detail:- 92444 Professional Accountability - University of Technology Sydney Assessment - Application for RN position Please note - there has been a change made to the rubric - we have changed "specific personal example" in the High distinction descriptors for criteria 1-6 to "using the STAR format to provide personal example-s-"- The STAR format is an acronym for Situation, Part, Action, and Result- It is a good technique to follow this format when providing examples in applications and interviews to describe to your audience the scenario and your role in it and the outcomes- • You do not need to provide in text citations or a reference list for this assessment task as this is not usual practice in job applications- • You do not need to refer to specific standards or codes in your responses - you do however need to show that you know there is something on whatever topic you are responding to in the codes and standards that guide your practice- • You can and should write in first person in this assessment because it is about you and your capabilities- • It is best to provide examples from your clinical placement experiences, however if you cannot think of a good example from your clinical experience, don't panic and make one up - you can draw on other experiences and make sure you link the example to how it is applicable to your nursing practice- • There is no set number of examples required for each criterion - you just need to ensure you address all parts of the selection criteria- For example, question 1 has 3 parts- If you have an example that addresses all 3, then just the one example will do- Alternatively, you could consider providing 3 short examples to address this question and then review your response to ensure you are within the word limit- 1- Demonstrated high level of interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skillsa- Do we need to give examples for all 3 or just one form of communication???? 2- Demonstrated clinical knowledge and clinical problem-solving abilitiesa- How many examples should I explain 3- Demonstrated ability to work within a team 4- Demonstrated understanding of the professional, ethical, and legal requirements of the rolea- Must I outline what are ethical and legal requirements???? 5- Demonstrated understanding of the role in applying continuous improvement to quality and safetya- What is this question asking me to focus on - quality and safety for patients or in general- 6- Demonstrated understanding of NSW Health's CORE Values, Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment-Select a local health district -LHD- in NSW and respond to the following questions7- How do you embody the values of this LHD???? - your response should include reference to their mission statement and strategic goals 8- How will you incorporate the LHD research priorities into your continuing professional development???? - your response should make specific reference to the nursing research in the LHD-a- Where can I find the nursing research being done by my LHD????b- Does the ‘specific reference to nursing research' have to directly stem from the ‘LHD research priorities'-c- Can I specify a particular hospital within the LHD???? instead of talking about all research priorities in one LHD???? Provide your answer and example relating to your nursing profession as that is interviewers look at for- In each question, I think it will not be repetitive if you could provide your answer based on your clinical placement experiences and specific situations- In terms of standards and codes in your response, you do not need to discuss specifically regarding standards and codes, but you do need to understand about your response, guided by standards and codes- For example, you are discussing about clinical thinking -part of nursing standard and code-, you need to demonstrate your action how did you think clinically in the situation and task- Then show us the result from your think clinically in that situation- You can see now that you do not need to explain about the standards/codes specifically itself, but you do explain about your experiences, guided by nursing standards/codes- Attachment:- Professional Accountability-rar

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