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Assignment Detail:- 7928IBA Cross-Cultural Management - Griffith University GOAL OF YOUR CASE ANALYSIS It must be addressed in your business report, outlining your analysis of identified management issues interpreted by means of cultural dimensions/orientations; a country or culture comparison is not sufficient, nor is discussion about cultural dimensions- Based on your analysis, propose suitable culture-specific methods to implement Trendsetter Company's core competencies and company values in their new factory- Use your cultural management analysis to determine how these competencies, values and principles can be put into practice by means of suitable management mechanisms, such as organisational structure and/or systems, team design and/or management practices, that instill the desired problem solving, decision making or motivation- From these, focus in your analysis on 2-3 most critical management issues of your choice -determined as priority in your management analysis- and recommend other issues for future research in the scope section- Justify by means of your cultural analysis why the recommended methods would work in the local situation- Assume that local employees will be managed by supervisors from Trendsetter Company headquarters in the initial phase- CASE STUDY: Trendsetter Company Trendsetter Company is a well-known European car manufacturer that is making a number of efforts to embrace cross-cultural management- Its efforts have resulted from its multinational operations- This company has currently several production and assembly plants in Europe, Asia and South America- Trendsetter Company has managed to carve out a profitable niche market for itself in the luxury segment of the car-manufacturing industry through technological innovation- Through its Research and Development efforts, it has always tried hard to be at the cutting edge- It is the only car manufacturer that concentrates entirely on premium standards and outstanding quality for all its brands- It was the first company to unveil a prototype version of a car with a hydrogen-powered engine- This is not surprising since the prestige of this company relies on the engine-making ability of its brilliant engineers and continuous innovation of all employees, which requires cross- departmental collaboration and active information sharing- Staff in all plants are expected to proactively monitor quality with the aim of further improvement, and to generate innovative ideas for production, assembly and new product development- The company has to manage an additional challenge to its success in the market- This challenge is to evolve and apply a company strategy and values that facilitate its advancement as a global corporation- This strategy influences the company's structure and it plays a vital role in the decision-making and problem-solving processes- The company ethos finds its expression in the uncompromising pursuit of luxury brands with an unmistakable profile- To achieve its goal, the company knows how to deploy its strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the international automotive industry- From research and development to sales and marketing, Trendsetter Company is committed to the very highest in quality for all its products and a high level of customer service- The main goal of this global strategy, which Trendsetter Company calls 'glocalisation', is to find the right combination of global networking and local policy- Glocalisation revolves around a set of key company values that are followed in principle by all parts of the organisation, although implementation of the values is modified in each plant to suit local preferences- This allows management teams in individual countries to select organisational structure and/or systems and management practices, such as problem solving, decision making and motivational tools, that are suitable for the local culture but promote the same company values- The objective is to ensure that Trendsetter Company can think and act globally but also work within the framework of different cultures- This is achieved by adhering to the company philosophy and values while putting them into practice in a culturally acceptable manner- As part of the Trendsetter Company expansion plan, it was decided to establish new operations -fully owned manufacturing plant- in YOUR ASSIGNED COUNTRY -CHILE-and design the appropriate organisational structure and systems as well as management practices- You were contracted as consultant to write a business report that would detail the conducted analysis and recommendations addressing the question stated on Page 1- BUSINESS REPORT GUIDELINES • Write the report as a consultant who is selling his/her services/expertise to a company involved in the case- You can write it in third person or in first person plural -as a representative of a consulting group--• Make sure that your argument has a throughout logic and it flows- In other words:o start with a clear scope -what is the case about, which issues are considered and why, which issues are outside the scope of this report, what is the intended outcome of your report-o identify the problems/issueso analyze themo explain their causes through cultural differences -use Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck's model as required minimum - but only those orientations/dimensions that are applicable to your case; you can add supplementary applicable dimensions that are not available in K&S from other cultural models-o from your explanation draw conclusions about possible solutionso evaluate the identified solutions -consider alternatives-o select the best solution-s- and justify why -using findings from your analysis, justified by the same cultural dimensions/orientations used in your analysis, you can add other dimensions/orientations to strengthen your justification-o consider the feasibility/implications of their implementation -do you have resources, does it fit within the available time frame, etc--o apply your analysis to the company specifics -company's org- values, org- culture, strategy, etc-- - since the company name is fictitious, draw conclusions about these features from the case and state in your scope which additional assumptions you made Attachment:- Cross-Cultural Management-rar
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