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Assignment Detail:- 7324MED Financing Health and Social Care - Griffith University Critical Analysis Essay Part Aim/Rationale: The aim of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts, and theories you have learnt thus far in the course and reflect on the course content- Through the essay, you will develop necessary critical and conceptual thinking to assist in financing health and social care- Part Description: For this task you need to write a 2000-word critical essay in which: You will answer the questions below making sure you: compare and contrast the issues raised provide current examples within the healthcare sector use current, contemporary, scholarly literature to support your answers Health care expenditure has been steadily rising in Australia over recent decades, just as it has in many countries around the world- Increasingly, governments are becoming concerned about how this level of public spending will be sustained- Many are looking for ways to contain the growth in health care expenditure, or ‘bend the cost curve'- 1- What are the major issues facing the current Federal government in reform of the funding of health???? 2- What challenges can you identify that impact on finding an efficient mechanism for health funding across the nation???? 3- What are the pros and cons for all stakeholders -i-e- Federal and State Governments, health organisations, insurers and the community- of adopting a ‘user pays' policy agenda???? You can choose to write your answer on Australia's health system or the health system of a country of your choosing The essay should contain the following:IntroductionMust include the purpose of the essay, a short introduction to healthcare expenditure concernsContent knowledgePresent a critical, balanced discussion of the issues raisedProvides examples that have occurred within the healthcare sectorUses current contemporary scholarly literature to support statements made- Discusses and clearly answers all three questionsConclusionReiterate and summarise the main points of the essay ReferencingA minimum of 6 peer reviewed scholarly references to be used to support your essay-Referencing style is APA 7th edition- Resources Refer to the G riffith Health Writing and Referencing Guide A resource on E ssay writing What is Critical Analysis???? This task aligns with the following Course Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental financial management concepts and how they apply within a health and social care setting Identify the responsibilities of various levels of government and analyse their influence on the provision of health and social care services Critically evaluate trends in health and social care provision and their potential impact on the financial management of health and social care services This task aligns with, and helps you to develop, the following Grifith Graduate Attributes: 1- Knowledgeable and skilled with critical judgement 2- Effective communicators and collaborators 3- Effective in culturally diverse and international environments Attachment:- Financing Health and Social Care-rar

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