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Assignment Detail:- 7307MED Health Economics Assignment - Griffith University Assessment - Presentation Case Study Information - Making a Decision About Which PaOent Treatment Program/Approach Will Be Implemented in a Healthcare Facility This assignment task students to make a decision about which one -of two proposed- patient treatment approaches will be implemented into a health facility based on the data and information provided in the linked/attached webspace as well as gathering other information that you may require to support your review, assessment and decision making- You are required to recommend a preferred treatment approach from the choice of two services proposed for implementation that can be provided- You need to analyse the information provided and also add any further appropriate information you may require to enable a resource allocation decision-  You need to be able to justify your decision- You are to prepare a presentation of your findings using any format you wish- The presentation needs to provide a bibliography at the end- Assignment in this course involves the evaluation of two proposed patient treatment therapies/approaches and a decision by you as to which treatment option you would select to fund and implement in a healthcare organisation- You need to select one treatment opportunity that you recommend to be supported; justify your selection, and make a strong and effective presentation explaining how and why you have made your selection- You can only choose one therapy/treatment proposal to support and you must choose your preferred option from the two proposals that are presented for your consideration- The Part - The task in this assignment is to research, develop understanding, and report on the topic question relating to techniques of evaluation in the management of health services-  The relatively short presentation period for this completed work does not reflect a simple or superficial treatment of the question - on the contrary, extra marks are awarded to individuals who show depth, rigour, and thoughtfulness with regard to the scenario problem- Objective - You will need to analyse the situation and recommend and justify the appropriate evaluation in making the decision- Attachment:- Health Economics Assignment File-rar

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