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Assignment Detail:- 7307MED Health Economics - Griffith University Assessment: Market Application Analysis Assignment 1 in this course involves considering some elements and issues of the health market as raised in a recent report1 issued by UNICEF in October 2020- The purpose of this opportunity is not to just report what might be included in this report but to reflect and write about issues of understanding, impact, and meaning as they relate to health economics or health markets- The Part: Read the UNICEF report UNICEF- -2020-- Human papillomavirus -HPV- vaccine: supply and demand update and answer the questions contained in the assessment review template provided- Objective: The objective of this assignment task is to have the opportunity to think and write about how a health commodity -HPV vaccine- is understood and examined in the context of health markets and/or health economics- The task involves interpretation and presentation of understanding rather than just repeating what is said in the report- Question 1: Explain what is meant by the term "burden of vaccine preventable diseases"- -for Q1 min575 /max 625 words- Question 2: The UNICEF report refers to Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance- Explain some of the market impact features and actions that Gavi has had on the vaccine market--for Q2 min 475 /max 525 words- Question 3: Discuss key supply and demand issues and features contained in the UNICEF report- In your answer concentrate on the key economic and market drivers, enablers, limiters - so you are able to demonstrate your understanding of market features impact outlined by this report- -for Q min650 /max750 words- Question 4: The UNICEF paper refers to the Healthy Markets Framework -HMF-- Discuss why the eight attributes used in the HMF are appropriate indicators of a health markets operation and performance- -for Q4-Min550 /max 600 words- Attachment:- Health Economics-rar

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