7258THS Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality Assignment

Assignment Detail:- 7258THS Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality - Griffith University Introduction: Public parks provide an array of social, health, economic and environmental benefits to individuals and to the community as a whole- Parks are essential for enhancing liveability of a city and improving the quality of life for its residents- Parks are also a core attraction for tourism recreation- Visitor engagement with parks can be influenced by social media- Aim: The aim of this assessment is to deepen student understanding of how servic escapes and social media influence customer experiences in a highly complex and interdisciplinary nature of a park setting- Part Description: To complete this assessment, students are required to conduct a virtual field trip to the following Australian National ParkNote: You may use other online social media sources -e-g-, Instagram, Facebook- for further information on these parks- However, comment analysis should only be from TripAdvisor and Google Reviews- b- Visit TripAdvisor AND Google Reviews for the same location- Analyse 10 comments for each customer review category on TripAdvisor -i-e-, Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor, Terrible-, and 10 comments on Google Reviews for the park you selected- The selected comments for analysis must be from the past 12 months- You have been hired as a Queensland Parks and Recreational Manager, and have been asked to report on the following:1- Assess the visitor types and demand for park- In your assessment, consider the following:a- Indicative size of the parkb- Visitor types and park demand times during an average dayc- Primary, secondary, and other uses of the parkNote: You may insert maximum two pictures to back your findings 2- Applying relevant theories, identify and discuss the servicescape design of the park which provides a memorable visitor experience- In your discussions consider these as well:a- Existing provision for recreational facilities, programs and servicesb- Amenities and services providedc- Extent to which accessibility for all visitor types have been consideredNote: You may insert maximum two pictures to back your findings- 3- Based on content analysis of the online comments, and applying relevant theories, discuss the extent to which the park:a- Meet some visitor motivations and expectations;b- Does not meet some visitor motivations and expectations-Note: Demonstrate your analysis and understanding of what the visitors say about their experience- Do not include more than two direct quotes from the comments you analysed under each of the above subsections- Keep the quotes short and brief, and not more than one line- A suggested length guide for your assignment -you can change this to suit your report structure-: Executive summary -approximately 200 words-1- Visitor types and nature of park demand -750 words-2- Dimensions of service environment -750 words-3- Visitor motivations, expectations, satisfaction -600 words- Additional Information:An introduction, summary or conclusion is NOT required-• A 10% deduction will be made for assignments exceeding or below the recommended word limit-• Insert all diagrams, tables, pictures, and other graphics in the body of the assignment and make sure they are properly formatted, titled and layout is neat on the page -no large gaps-- Citation and Referencing:The assignment should show evidence of research, with references from relevant academic journals- You should use minimum 12 -TWELVE- different peer reviewed academic articles and use them as the foundation for each part of your report- Do not use Wikipedia as a reference source- Unless it is a generic theory / model, cited publications must be within the past 10 years- Assignment E-Cover Page: • You must complete an electronic cover page found in your assignment folder- • Assessment items submitted without a cover sheet will not be marked by an examiner until a cover sheet is provided- The date of submission for the assessment item is recorded as the date on which the cover sheet is received and penalties for late submission will apply- Length: 2,500 words -including headings, executive summary, reference list- Attachment:- Foundations of Tourism and Hospitality-rar

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