7206EDN Child Development, Families and Communities

Assignment Detail:- 7206EDN Child Development, Families and Communities - Griffith University Question 1: choose a local Early Learning, childcare or kindergarten centre - a ‘before school' setting- Question 2: use the AEDC and ABS search tools to get as much information as you can about the local area - gather information and write an appraisal of the strengths and needs of the children in this community Question 3: use the centre website to appraise the services offered at the centre -***You may visit the centre if you choose - please see the documentation you will need to complete BEFORE you go to the centre, this documentation takes at least 5 days to process once submitted to the University - see below- Question 4: use online searches to determine the services offered in this community - is there a library - do they have sessions for young children, are there parks???? Are there parenting programs offered by the council???? Are there support groups for parents to maintain their social wellbeing ---- Question 5: consider what additional services could be offered to the children in this area - to meet the needs as indicated by the AEDC data Question 6: consider how you can access finances to provide those services -eg is there a local council grant scheme, is there a Lions club ---- Question 7: double check the assessment criteria to be sure you have met all the criteria -eg criteria 2 and 3 ask you to outline the Optimal conditions of support for children, parents and families - have you shown that you understand the ideal conditions for children's development, growth and learning - Structure of the report Table of Contents Introduction An account of the kindergarten/centre demography A synthesis of its identified resource needs A compilation of the community agencies, support groups, services, and other resources available for kindergarten/centre access A justification of additional service/resources requirements Opportunities for seeking additional centre funding -e-g- Gaming Fund- Other pertinent information ConclusionReferences Attachment:- Child Development-rar

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