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Assignment Detail:- 49131 Bridge Design - University of Technology Sydney Preliminary Bridge Design & Analysis report Contents 1 IntroductionOverviewDesign constraints and methodology 2 Scope of works 3 Design standards & Assumptions 4 Design criteria 5 Lighting Design 6 Anti-Bird Roosting Measures 7 Construction Methodology 8 Checklist of appropriate RMS Bridge Technical Directions 9 Project InterfacesOther DisciplinesWith Stakeholders 10 Safety-In-Design and Constructability Risk Workshop 11 Reliability Availability and Maintainability-RAM- Introduction A Pedestrian bridge crossing over Memorial Avenue and Rutherford Avenue near Pellizzer Boulevard is required- UTS has been engaged for the most practical, durable and economic design for this bridge, with the following basic requirements: • Making allowance for the upcoming widening of Memorial Avenue to four lanes and also for an ultimate six lane configuration• Have provision for the display of large illuminated static or electronic advertising signs-• Curved ramps to access the North/South green space pedestrian/cycle corridor;• An appealing modern aesthetic design consistent between the two bridges with consideration to road safety and safety in design principles The bridge will serve as a crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists, providing a safe link within Kellyville's growing pedestrian network- Attachment:- Bridge Design Assignment-rar

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