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Assignment Detail:- 49002 Managing Projects - University of Technology Sydney Assignment - Research on Project Management Part 1- • Fill in the provided template so that you prepare your report- • Upload your document, fully referenced, in PDF format via Turnitin on CANVAS by the due date- Note that• Hints are available in the assignment templates- Please remove the hints when submitting your report -• The use of a template results in very high similarity values in turnitin- Therefore, details of the turnitin results will be checked- Turnitin scores relating to the use of the template will be ignored-• We expect to see at least 5 refereed publications in the References section of part 1, together with citations to them within the assignment- Part 2- Part 2 is due in week 12- It is designed to be a reflection of the complete subject and therefore should be written after the subject work is complete- Given the benefit of hindsight -in week 12-, We would like to know what you have learnt- How did your expectations -plan- match reality???? What could you have done differently???? What do you suggest that we do differently???? A template is provided for this part- Attachment:- Managing Projects-rar

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