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Assignment Detail:- 415V - Transportable Pump Starter Build - Central Queensland University The purpose of this document is to outline the minimum requirements for the design of a portable pump starter, coupled with a suitable electric motor, to drive a pontoon pump- The design must include measures to prevent people from access to, or contact with, live conductors on PS01- Appropriate labelling shall be used in accordance with AS4871 Complete electrical schematics shall be provided by the contracting team comprising of the following: a- SLDb- Incoming and outgoing schematics of PS01c- Control Schematics of PS01 A basic mechanical General Arrangement shall be provided for PS01- Consideration shall be made for the following: a- Mounting of electrical equipment inside enclosure-s-b- Necessary clearances of electrical conductorsc- Bending radii of conductorsd- Coupling between proposed motor, PS01 and substatione- Heat dissipation -fans could be used, or natural convection-f- Environmental considerations -IP rating, temp rating etc--g- Cable entries and cable exits on PS01h- Best possible arrangement of equipmenti- PS01 needs to be towable, and lifted using a forklift- Do not overcomplicate this requirement All of the equipment shown in the electrical schematics shall be shown on the mechanical GA along with correct labelling and references All equipment proposed in the design shall be used for their intended purposes and ratings- Additional extras may include, but are not limited to: a- External lighting on PS01b- Mechanical and electrical interlocking of doors to prevent access to live conductorsc- Excessive motor starts/stops per hour protectiond- Any other equipment that make PS01 easier or safer to operate Attachment:- Transportable Pump Starter Build-rar
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