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Assignment Detail:- 3104AFE Strategic Management Accounting - Griffith University 1- Write a report answering the questions- Please write your report concisely -maximum 1000 words-2- Minimum space 1-5 with 11 points of fonts3- Margin of 4 sides 2- 2-5 cm-4- Fill up the coversheet- Coversheet is available on your portal-5- Write a teamwork reflective report- The repost should explain how each member contribute to the work, communicate, manage the time, manage the differences, and how to solve any problem/ conflict -if any--6- Copy and paste the Work Contribution Form at the end of the report- Every member of the group must sign the form to get the mark- The individual mark will be based on the work contribution percentage- Case - Smartwork Computer manufactures REQUIRED: Part A: Write a maximum 1000 words a recommendation report to Bob Samarata- To construct the recommendation, answers the following questions 1 Compute the total contribution margin earned by each division 2 Compute the firm-wide total profit associated with COMPONENT and Model MO205 3 Given the new transfer pricing policy, predict how this will affect the total contribution margin of the Component and ASSEMBLY Division manager for Model MO205 4 Given your answers to requirements 1,2,3 compute the firm-wide profit- Give your comment, what has happened???? Was CEO's decision to apply a new transfer pricing policy fair to both divisions???? Explain 5 Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the performance of Assembly Division???? What program should be planned and proof your recommendation with calculations- 6 Based on your balance scorecard knowledge, provide a suggestion what are the best performance measures for both divisions???? Draw a strategy map to show the linkage of the performance measures Part B: Teamwork reflective notes- Attachment:- Strategic Management Assignment-rar

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