1503NSC Airport Planning, Operations & Management

Assignment Detail:- 1503NSC Airport Planning, Operations & Management - Griffith University Assignment Question: In this assignment, you are asked to choose one of the three given industry-based problems- The problem- solving solution to the selected scenario should be presented in the form of a written report -+/-1500 words-, including visual solutions- Broad StructureA- Introduce the chosen problem, discuss the short- term and long-term operational and financial implications of the selected problem-B- Propose potential practical solution-s- to address the chosen problem-C- Discuss any limitations of your proposed solutions -i-e-, economic viability, execution and outcome--D- Conclude the report with a brief summary of your findings- Students are encouraged to ensure that their report discussion is well developed and offers a minimum of 10 reliable references -academic and/or professional- in the APA7 format to support their argument- The references can include textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles and industry publications -i-e-, ICAO/IATA/BITRE reports, audited annual reports/financial statements etc--- The discussion of associated and relevant contemporary solutions should also demonstrate the student's ability to critically analyse the chosen problem, i-e-, being able to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the student's reading and writing skills- Where possible, you are encouraged to support your arguments with infographics, images, charts, graphs, maps and/or tables to make your report clearer, more interesting and appealing- We would like to encourage you to present your problem-solving solutions through infographics- These are not part of the total word count- Make sure to reference the sources of your figures correctly in APA7 format- Please remember to make allusion to every figure or table provided in the text- Help with referencing can be found via this link -APA 7 The three industry-based problems to choose from are: 1- The Construction of Western Sydney International -Nancy-Bird Walton- Airport is underway and on track to begin operations in 2026- Airports have increasing pressure in becoming more sustainable and environmentally friendly- The Climate Change and the Paris Climate Change Convention have driven the aviation industry to protect the environment- Propose measures that Sydney Western Airport could implement to ensure that it becomes one of the most sustainable and environmental-friendly airports in the world when it opens- 2- Apart from Covid - 19 Brisbane Airport is addressing two other main challenges, one operational and one commercial: a- The introduction of a collaborative system -the A-CDM Airport Collaborative Decision-Making system- that delivers operational efficiencies and a better passenger experience and connects different airport operational partners in offering common situational awareness in terms of operations- Describe how such as system would operate and the benefits it achieves- Provide some examples of other airports where these systems are currently operating- b- Brisbane Airport does not rely just on revenues from airlines anymore; they have been and are continuing to exploit revenue-generating sources other than aeronautical revenue- Describe some of these non-aeronautical sources and propose any additional opportunities- 3- Adelaide Airport Limited, the main aviation hub to South Australia, is one of eight Australian airports participating in the Airport Service Quality -ASQ- survey run by the Airport Council International -ACI-- ASQ is the world-renowned and globally established benchmarking program measuring passengers' satisfaction while travelling through the airport- In 2019, Adelaide Airport achieved an overall satisfaction score of 4-19/5- Given the major travel disruption caused by COVID-19, airports worldwide must implement new strategies to attract the passengers back and increase their satisfaction -satisfied passengers = higher non-aeronautical revenue-- What are the major improvement areas that Adelaide Airport could improve the overall satisfaction score once the aviation travel resumes back???? Discuss the proposed solutions and their potential limitations- Please, find the Quality of Service Report for October-December 2019 as a separate attachment on the Learning Griffith Assessment page- This should be your starting point- Attachment:- Operations and Management-rar

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