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MATLAB is the abbreviated form Matrix laboratory which is developed by Mathworks. It is a programming language of fourth generation which provides an environment of numerical computing or calculation via application. Matrix Laboratory application uses scripting language which is built for computing the set of commands given by particular user. In package of MATLAB, a simulation process is used which is called Simulink. Simulink helps to do simulation of multi-domain graphics and designing for analyzing the various systems. As the name indicates, Matrix laboratory (MATLAB) works as matrix programming in which application is completely dependent on text file containing the codes which gives commands to generate output in the form of matrix array.

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          There are many features of MATLAB which are being using in academic and industry purpose for years. Science, economics and engineering background are blessed with MATLAB features. Here are some applications of Matrix laboratory (MATLAB) programming which are listed below:

  • User interfacing creation
  • Curve fitting
  • 2-D and 3-D plotting
  • Plotting of data
  • Image Processing
  • Plotting of function
  • Manipulation of matrix
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Interfacing with other programming language like Java, C, C++ etc

MATLAB is not limited to these uses only. There are numerous of application which are using by scientists and engineers globally.  MATLAB is very useful programming language which is used in many fields but it is much tough to learn as compare to other programming languages like C, java, HTML etc. MATLAB has build-in graphics and set functions which make the MATLAB programming language tough and arduous to learn.

The main part of MATLAB is its coding which is done using various functions and variables. There are numerous of syntax and structure of function which is very challenging work to apply them in correct order by students. As this is programming language so a minor mistake can cause completely failure of coding with abundance of errors. To complete the MATLAB programming assignment student has to work hard on software and functions because completion of MATLAB programming assignment requires lot of skills and knowledge and all of us are not skilled by birth. Every function has its own role and properties which make them suitable according to the requirement and need while coding the programs.

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