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MITS4004 IT Networking and Communication: - This academic unit gives mandatory advanced technical learning in data communications and network technology. This study course introduces several communication/networking media and provides an in-depth comprehension of several techniques to achieve efficient and reliable data communication. This course explains the primary networks and systems along with the device, tools and models used to interconnect them. This academic coursework talk about network standards, protocols, WANs, LANs, the Internet, intranet and networking applications. Moreover, this study unit explains the TCP/IP protocol suite and some Internet technologies. The scholars will be enabled to implement their advanced learning to design robust network systems with the use of industry-standard applications and including communication technology such as transmission links, protocols, error detection and correction, network components, link control, network topologies. Scholars will be able to prefer adequate network management and implement network security for provided practice or organisation needs. Scholars would be prepared to study further to research into emerging wireless technologies and standards.

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