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KIT714 ICT Research Principles: - With the study of this academic course scholars will get the knowledge that this coursework is developed to provide ICT research scholars with an acknowledgement of the implication of research and give scholars with research knowledge, skills and understanding which will make them able to organise their research accurately. This academic course will encourage a common understanding of quantitative and qualitative approaches in research and analyze the process of research. This study unit involves the design of the tools of data collection and an introduction of a qualitative and quantitative collection of data and analysis techniques. Scholars will get an understanding of the application of methods and theory and accesses applicable to the ICT research conduction. They will acknowledge the ethical problems included in conducting, planning and reporting research. Scholars will have the ability to communicate and design proposals of research for the projects of ICT and to typically acknowledge and analyze alternative accesses to directing research on the issues of ICT.

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