How to improve your ASSIGNMENT writing skills

Assignment Help  How to improve your ASSIGNMENT writing skills

How to improve your ASSIGNMENT writing skills

Writing is a difficult task for most of us, isn't it! Well yeah, but for some people it's a joyful ride, especially to those who have mastered this art. Therefore writing for some is 'a pain in the ass' while for some it's a creative game that they can play with.

I believe, that writing is one of the most significant tools to express and impress. It is a medium to communicate your thoughts, ideas and feelings on a much broader spectrum. It is challenging yet exciting.

Ability to write good content is an Asset, and feeding your brain with good writing skills by practising is as good as feeding your body with food. So remember, learning good quality writing is a food to your creative brain and that will benefit you in your career too.

So question arises,"how do you learn this art". To explain this there are four different points explained below that will guide you to become a 'Good Writer'. All the best!

1. Start Reading!!!

Yes, first step in becoming good writer is to Read and not to write. By reading great respectable writers and novelistsyou will be able to think broadly. It will open up your eyes and your thought process. It will not only boost up your imagination power but also your vocabulary and grammar. If, just like any other beginner you don't know what kind of Genre particularly appeals to you then you can probably experiment reading writers of different Genres like fiction, poetry, motivation, self-development etc. and then choose your style that appeals to you the most.

2. Make yourself familiar with different writing styles.

There are various writing styles and each and every style sounds different on paper. Every style has its own flavour.

For ex, academic writing is different from fiction, poetry is different from humour. So make yourself familiar with Different genres and create your own individuality that will eventually lead you to become more sophisticated and sensible writer.

3. Read out loud what you write!!!

Yet another important tip. Writing that appears good on paper should also sound good to the reader's ears as if there is an audience. Because of the reason that while reading loud you have grater chances to observe your content whether it's repetitive, boring or unorganised that you might have skipped while writing.

Be sure to do this regularly and you will see tremendous improvements.

4. And lastly, "Practise, practise and practise".

You must have heard that term - "practise makes a man perfect!" Well yes, there is no doubt about it. If you want to be good at something do it regularly like every single day. Same goes for writing. Practise will make you better byenhancing your writing skills and there is no substitute for hard work.

Therefore, write every day, choose your mode, whether you want to write on your computer folder or you prefer a physical journal or a diary, that's your choice. So follow this, and remember don't skip and you will see gradual improvement in your craft.

How to improve your ASSIGNMENT writing skills

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