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In Australia, the EPBC (environment protection and biodiversity conservation) act 1999 is the environmental law which holds an important place in the Australian government and was started in the year 2000. With the help of EPBC act, the Australian government was able to join all the states and territories for providing the environment protection and conserve all the biodiversity in the country. The main focus of the EPBC act was to ensure the safety of the national environment by the Australian government, by working with all the states and the territories.

Environment and Planning Law In Australia Assignment Help

The main objectives of implementing the EPBC act are listed below:

  • Protection of the environment
  • The conservation of bio-diversity of Australia
  • The streamlines assessment of the national environment and process for approvals
  • Improve the protection and provide better management facility to the essential cultural and natural places in the country
  • To maintain the movements of both animals and plants, and monitor the products that are obtained from the wildlife
  • Conservation of ecology through the sustainable development and use the natural resources by considering the ecological sustainability.

Some new amendments are also made in this act, in which water resources are considered as the national environment matter. Before that, coal seam and large coal mining development are considered to be the national matter.

There exist nine matters that come under the national environment significance.

  • Areas of commonwealth marines
  • Wetlands that are of international importance
  • Species that migrate
  • The Great Barrier Reef marine park
  • Species that are nationally threatened and ecological communities
  • Water resources with the coal mining and coal seam gas development
  • Various nuclear actions (that includes mining of uranium)
  • National heritage places
  • World heritage properties

All the businesses running in Australia can show their contribution to the environment. But they have to take care that whether their businesses are affecting the environment or not.

The environment protection law in Australia is directly monitoring by the joint administration of federal, state and local government by the bilateral agreements. It is required from the business owner to understand the law that applies to their businesses to protect themselves from the kind of rule-breaking. If the businesses activities of the businesses are somewhere affecting the national environmental significance, then they have to take the permit from the federal department.

There exist various amounts of restrictions for the import and the export of the wildlife products, synthetic greenhouse, hazardous waste, and substance that are responsible for the ozone depletion. For these kinds of processes, the requirement of special permission is required from the federal department.

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