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Deakin University, Australia

Deakin University, one of the topmost public universities in Victoria, Australia, offers choice of campuses in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool being some of the rural locales in Australia, thus providing the combining effect of the rich experience of the campus along with enriched local culture. The university has been one of the best centers of learning in Australia, attracting not only students from several parts of Australia, but also from across the globe to experience the modern teaching methodologies adapted along with the innovative ideas being imbibed in the campuses.

Courses are offered in the faculties of Arts and Education, Health, Business Law and Science and Technology. Credits are offered for each course and students can take up interdisciplinary activities and earn maximum credit points during their student period in the university.

Due to the presence of multiple campuses, students have easy accessibility depending on their place of interest and locality. There is a feasible and student friendly environment maintained in all campuses with preference provided for the development of students not only in the curricula offered but also to indulge them in research and development programs, thus providing an insight into their future interests and enabling them to gain experience in the relevant fields.

Deakin University with its student-friendly approach has established fine accommodations for students on a single occupancy basis at affordable prices which will add to the lucrative nature of experience which students will find the most comfortable. This is in line with welcoming foreign students to take up suitable courses and continue even till their post doctoral research. 

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