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Complex Project Management: - The study of this course gives us an overview and introduction of the discipline of practice which is known as Complex Project Management. The need of this field occurs when a project includes three characteristics. First one is, complex projects are so much convoluted with many interconnections and parts. Second is, these project has a great deal of uneasiness. And third one is, these projects consume a lot of time so there is lack of time to make decisions.

In the study of this unit you will analyze all these three characteristics and also you get knowledge about how to handle them by operating assessments for complication through systematic inquiry and analysis. You will examine methods to complexity by forecasting modeling outcomes and impacts. You will also evaluate the complications of effects and causes, such as setting objectives, constraints that increase complexity, the role played by leaders, and other technological and environmental factors and limitations. In this course you will go through so many examples of complex projects via case studies. You will also be able to discuss and examine the case studies with your lecturers and peers to risen up your proficiency and understanding with the management of the complex projects.

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