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Companies and Security Law: - The study of this academic course examines the law of an organization in its applied aspects, which addressing the requirements of business professionals and practitioners such as accountants. This academic unit includes four major sections, which give an idea of corporate law in Australia. The first section checks the principal provisions which are imitating the operation and formation of organizations. The second section involves the main responsibilities, roles and duties of corporate officers, directors and other employees. The third section concerns the safety of shareholders which are involved in the procedure of corporate fundraising through the trouble of new capital of share; this section also takes a look at measures to save creditors through provisions which are regarding the preservation of share capital. The fourth and last section includes an introduction to securities regulation and also deals with the other main programs in the lifecycle of corporate such as external takeovers and administration.

This academic course provides an introduction to the scholars about the framework of the corporations' legislations of Australia and also about the role of the Investments Commission and Australia Securities. With an understanding of duties, roles and responsibilities and roles of key personnel which are involved in any corporations, scholars make their skills in analyzing, understanding and identifying the legal issues of corporate. With the study of this academic course scholars will have the introduction about the statute and case analysis, enabling them to create an acknowledgement of the commercial implications of the legal framework in which corporations work.

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