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COIT20250 E-Business Systems: - With the in-depth study of this academic course students will get to know that since the 1990s, the growth of business has been driven by the internet; and all of the companies will lose the opportunity to be the competition of each other without the electronic commerce (e-commerce) strategies in this environment of dynamic digital marketplace. So, organizations require communicating with their customers, suppliers, and partner in an electronic medium such as social platforms, online and mobile. This academic course aims to give you the in-depth knowledge and understanding of using e-commerce from day to day operations of the business to the level of strategies. This study course will assist you to gain an excellent knowledge of the infrastructure of ICT which is supporting e-commerce as well as the knowledge of various distant e-commerce models and systems. Students will also have the chance to establish a small-scale prototype website of e-commerce with the use of advanced and existing technologies and equipment.

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