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PSPGOV412A Use Advanced Workplace Communication Strategies: - With the study of this academic course, scholars will get to know that this study unit provides us with the knowledge about the use of strategies of advanced communication for interacting with external and internal clients. It involves operating with complicated complaints and enquires, managing meetings, giving directions, and making public and workplace presentations. Though the main focus of this academic coursework is on listening, speaking and reading non-verbal cues, if writing, reading and visual literacy are inherent to the communication of workplace, these are involved. Where writing and reading are the main centres of the function of the workplace, these are mentioned in PSPGOV413A Compose complex workplace documents.

In application, with the use of advanced, complicated strategies of workplace communication may overlap with other specialist or generalist activities of public sector workers like complying with legislation, evaluating and gathering information, acting ethically and applying government processes using resources.

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